zeitgeist | father and son

The musicians of the ensemble zeitgeist are dedicated not only to the concert activity, but also to permanent research in the field of music history and performance practice. Curiosity and the joy of exploring are the driving force behind the search for and work on unknown works by composers who are no longer known or already known.

From this work, a new research focus has emerged entitled Father and Son: Nearly every well-known composer or musician of the art history finds a still unknown father or son. Unknown not because their work is of poor quality, but because their already researched and re-performed father or son throws a great shadow, in which their work fades.

The long-term project Father and Son presents two or more generations of musicians, and tries to make music-historical developments and influences directly tangible;
Or as the recently deceased Nicolaus Harnoncourt formulated:

“… to understand the music of an epoch, one must have understood the music of the previous epoch …”

-we follow him on this path.